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3 Reasons Why Going Paperless Will Greatly Benefit Your Moving Company

In an effort to more efficiently manage their business, major corporations around the world are switching to paperless solutions and benefiting immensely from that decision. Here are 3 major reasons why your moving company will see the same improvements by going paperless.

1. Saving Money

Believe it or not, managing a business reliant on paper is an expensive process. Between the endless cycle of purchasing pricey toner and reams of paper, you also need to maintain printers, scanners and fax machines while upgrading in order to keep up to date with their ever changing functionality. The average office worker in the U.S. uses about 10,000 sheets of paper annually. That’s about $500 a year per office worker. On top of that, you’re needing to create space and purchase filing cabinets to store all of that paperwork. The numbers speak for themselves. Elromco’s Moveboard allows you to manage all aspects of your business through its CRM, including your electronic bill of lading, which eliminates the need for any outside paperwork.

2. Saving Time

Without the consistent flow of printing, scanning, copying, filing and searching for documents you will save a surprising amount of time throughout the workday. Employees can easily access shared information in the same database without the hassle of emailing and calling each other or physically looking for the information they need. In your Moveboard CRM each employee has access to the same dashboard and customer files, viewing essential updates as they occur in real time.

3. Increasing Productivity

By going paperless with your moving company, you can use a software that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime. Elromco’s Moveboard gives you the ability to access leads remotely, increasing productivity and responsiveness to customers. As soon as they submit their move details on your website you can access their profile in your CRM. There’s nothing more productive than being able to manage your entire business from one place, on the go, with around the clock accessibility. The Moveboard also allows you to capture signatures and complete jobs without using a paper contract. This is ideal, as you can see your movers completing a job in real time by viewing the electronic bill of lading associated with the customer’s account.

Let’s face it, finding solutions that will save your moving company time and money while simultaneously increasing productivity is the dream. But it can also be a reality if you make the small adjustments that go along with running a paperless business.

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