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Coming Soon: NEW Moveboard Feature with "Quick-Send" Templates

Save time reaching out to individual customers by pre-saving message templates in your settings. You’re only a few clicks away from connecting with more clients in less time!

Let’s face it - the moving industry is one that hustles, bustles and has a tendency to get pretty overwhelming at times. Amid the chaos, moving companies are competitive and committed to helping clients. But this can be a bit of a juggling act when you have a Moveboard filled with customers in need of attention and follow-ups. Elromco’s moving software now has the ability to save custom messages that you can create yourself - including variables to bring in specific client details - without having to type or copy in the same text over and over again. This will allow you to communicate more efficiently with your customers outside of the SMS automation rules.

Here’s how quick-send templates work!

First, you’ll want to head into your SMS Template Builder, which you can find in the Settings menu of your Navigation Panel.

Click “Add Quick Template” to open up a new blank text area. This is where you can begin editing your new message template.

Create a title for your quick-send template. The “Name” line is for internal use only, the customer will not see anything written on this line. This is simply used to help you locate the template from within the Moveboard, so it is best to create a title that is relevant to the topic included in the message.

Next, write the message you would like to send in the “SMS Template” box. This message can be sent via text or as a direct message to the customer’s account page and email. Keep in mind, it is best to keep things brief! Don’t add too many characters so that your texts are broken up, but make sure you get your main point across.

As you’re typing, you’ll notice a box appear to the right of your text section. This is where you can include variables to personalize the message.

Click where you would like to add specific information from the customer’s request in your message and either scroll through the options or search for your exact variable.

Once your quick-send template is complete, press “Save Changes” and turn on the “Active” button so you can begin using it.

Now you can send this message to real live customers - oh, the excitement! Open up any request on your dashboard and click into the Messages tab. There, you’ll see a new dark blue “Quick Template” button. After clicking it, you will see a scrollable drop down menu listing all quick-send templates you have created.

You can also search for a specific template with any text used either in the template name or the message itself. Once you select the template you need, it will automatically appear inside the text box.

The green “Send As Message” will email the customer and provide them with a link to their account page where they can view and respond to your message. The blue “Send As SMS” will send as a text message as long as the customer’s correct cell phone number is saved in the Client tab. You will see the variables in their brackets, but once the message officially sends it will copy in the necessary details associated with the specific code.

Now it has sent successfully via both methods!

The main goal of Elromco’s Moveboard software is to help moving companies operate more efficiently and improve productivity. The new quick-send feature contributes to that goal by saving you time and allowing you to build on communication methods that will assist you in connecting with more customers and booking more jobs.

As always, please reach out to the Elromco Support Team if you have any questions or need assistance with your Moveboard software.

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