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COVID-19: Operating Safely as an Essential Moving & Storage Business

While many states are enacting lockdowns in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, professional moving companies have been listed as essential businesses in most areas experiencing these shutdowns. Here at Elromco Inc. we are invested in the health and safety of all who are impacted by this virus. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure that you are keeping your employees and customers safe in the following weeks and months.

Stay Informed

Watch and read both local and national news. The best way for you to adapt in these unprecedented times is to be knowledgeable and make smart decisions based on the facts. The best resource is the CDC’s official page for COVID-19: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC

With the 24 hour news cycle and alert systems providing constant updates it is easy to monitor changes with the virus as well as recommendations from the state and federal governments. By staying informed you will be able to prepare your moving and storage business for any new changes that may come.

Stay Sanitized

It is extremely important to keep your trucks and equipment clean. Not only is it necessary in order to protect your employees from illness, but it is reassuring for your customers to know that you are keeping your property disinfected and following the guidance of health experts. Keeping disinfectant wipes in your trucks and wiping down the steering wheel, seats, handles, etc. before and after each job is the best way to make certain that you are protecting your employees from the spread of illness.

Wash. Your. Hands. You - in the office - as well as your workers on the job. This is imperative to slowing the spread of COVID-19. While it’s not always easy for your movers to wash their hands during a job, some moving companies have already found a workaround that fits well for those on the go. By filling a cooler with water and keeping plenty of soap stored in your vehicles, you can ensure that your workers have access to a washing station while on the go.

Be Open With Your Customers

In uncertain times people want to be reassured that all precautions are being taken to protect their families and communities. The best way that you can communicate with your moving and storage customers is to be open about the procedures you are implementing to remain safe. Add information to your website that describes the changes you're making so that your customers feel secure in their decision to hire your moving company. You can also add that information to emails that you are already sending to customers. This can be done through your Moveboard by editing emails in your email template builder.

We know these times are tough on everyone. Elromco Inc.’s Moveboard software can help offer solutions and our support staff is here to offer assistance if you need them.

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