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Elromco is Now Partnering with Yelp

We are thrilled to announce that Elromco is now a Yelp Advertising Partner!

With resources & support available to us exclusively through this partnership, we can optimize your presence on Yelp and manage search advertising campaigns on your behalf.

When you sign up for a Yelp Advertising account with Elromco, you will receive benefits not offered anywhere else, even though working with Yelp directly. By signing up through Elromco, you will receive free Yelp upgrades for listing highlights and a $200 automatic credit from Yelp each month you spend $850 with them.

The best part is that there is no contract if you go through Elromco, whereas signing up directly with Yelp will require you to commit. Through our partnership, you can start and stop your account at any time, as well as make changes whenever you need to.

This offer extends to any company that wants to sign up for an advertising account with Yelp - not just Elromco users. Even if you don't use our software, you can still take advantage of these incredible benefits and allow us to manage your Yelp advertising account for you.

In addition to expanding your reach and growing your business through Yelp, Elromco is offering a credit to your bill if you sign up.

  • Spend $1000 monthly on Yelp and you will get $50 OFF your monthly software

  • Spend $5000 monthly on Yelp and you will get $100 OFF your monthly software

Why Yelp Matters: Advertising on Yelp gets you in front of consumers...

  • scale. There are 100MM unique visitors to Yelp each month.

  • ...with intent. 97% make a purchase after visiting Yelp.

  • the moment of decision. 85% of searches on Yelp are unbranded.

We’re excited to help you leverage the positive impact of Yelp.

With your new Yelp business account, you will experience the unmatched benefits of impressing clients and gaining their trust. Your competition won't be able to compete with these added benefits, which will enhance your profile on Yelp.

The perks of this account include displaying your business highlights and verified license and allowing you to meet ad goals through link tracking, location targeting, and keyword boosting.

If you already have an advertising account with Yelp, you can switch to using Elromco as your point of contact for the account.

Contact us today to get started!

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