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Engage your customers with SMS

Did you know that Elromco offers 2 way automated SMS?

If you are like me then you probably have thousands of unread emails from every website you have ever visited. The fact of the matter is your customers are flooded with emails daily and a lot of them go unnoticed or intentionally unopened. Last time I checked, I had over 12,500 unread emails. WOAH! Some people are meticulous about checking their email but more often than not, the number of unread emails climb steadily until you get the alert that you have run out of storage space. Been there, done that!

What should you be doing to make sure you are in constant contact with your customers? Send them text messages! It is easier than ever to do so with Elrocmo's automated text messaging. A mere 22% of emails are opened versus 98% of text messages. Take a look at your many unread text messages do you have? Now look at your emails...that number is probably a lot HIGHER! How quickly do you respond to text messages? The average response time for a text is 90 seconds. Guess how long it is for emails? Did you guess 90 minutes? A LOT can happen in 90 minutes. You could have just lost a customer! If those facts have not persuaded you to sign up for SMS with Elromco, then maybe this one will. There are about 269 BILLION emails sent per day, and HALF of those are spam! Imagine your emails being in that 50% that just went in to your customers junk folder, never to be seen from again.

Elromco recently conducted a case study and our moving companies who use SMS saw an increase of 42% in their bookings for clients when they corresponded via text.

What are you waiting for? Get started today with our automated SMS. If you have stumbled on this page and are not currently an Elromco customer than you are definitely missing out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Book a demo today to see the power of Elromco, The Moveboard!

If you have any questions or would like additional training on how to use the 2 way SMS feature, please contact customer support at 617-313-0200 or by email at  Alternatively, you can book training. 

You can also visit our knowledge base and see how to set up SMS by clicking HERE

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