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How to Help Your Children Cope With Moving

Listen, we all know that moving with kids is not easy. But there are ways to manage the stress of moving to a new home while still making memories. Here are some helpful ways to reduce the worry and frustration and make moving fun for the whole family.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Be open with your children. Talk to them about the next steps and prepare them for what they can expect throughout the relocation process. Answer any questions they ask and make sure they know you are there to support them. Moving to a new home also might mean having to change schools, which can be daunting for kids. If you start the conversation early in the process children will be better prepared to handle the changes as they com

Many times fear stems from the unknown. Kids like to feel in control of their environment, so it is necessary to find a course of action that will help them understand in a way that makes them feel most comfortable. For many children, being part of the process is a great way to alleviate stress. Invite your children to help pack your belongings. Take them to visit their new home, if it’s feasible, so they are familiar with the environment prior to the move.

Elromco’s Moving Software

One way that you can use your moveboard CRM while encouraging your customers to include their kids in the moving process is by having them use the inventory feature. This is accessible by the customer through their own Account Page.

Here, parents can recruit their kids and bring some fun to this task by going room to room and selecting all the items they need to build a full inventory list. By involving children in an activity like this, they will feel like they are part of the moving process instead of simply being impacted by it.

While we hunker down and home school our kids in quarantine, we can ensure that they are prepared for their upcoming move in every possible way.

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