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It’s Time for the Busy Season: Here’s How To Stay Safe Through a COVID-19 Driven Summer

As the nation begins to slowly reopen following a two month pause, it’s important to maintain common sense safety precautions as we step into the busy moving season. Here are some tips and resources for you to check out as we enter the moving industry’s most challenging season yet.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Maintaining cleanliness is the best way to ease concern about the spread of COVID-19. Regularly wiping down surfaces - both on the road and at the office - will help kill the virus and lessen the risk of exposure for employees. While soap and water are great, the CDC has recommended a full list of disinfectant products that are most effective in killing the virus on various surfaces.

If you normally lease or rent your moving trucks make sure your movers are supplied with disinfectant wipes so they can wipe down handles, steering wheels, tools and other surfaces before each job. They should wipe down tablets or other shared mobile devices as well. While going from one job to the next your movers are risking their health to help people who need to move, so be sure to supply them with gloves, hand sanitizer and any other supplies they need on the road.

Monitor Your Employees

It is imperative that we take care of our movers and office workers during this transition into the bustling summer months. This is the best way to ensure that our employees and their families are safe and that we are doing our best to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Many businesses are being extra careful by taking the temperatures of each employee at the start of the day. Check here for a list of FDA recommended touchless thermometers. Make sure your employees are aware of COVID-19 symptoms by sharing the CDC’s breakdown of symptoms. If any of your workers are showing signs of illness please consider keeping them home and suggesting they get tested if they are able to.

Suggested Safety Procedures

Wearing a protective mask over your mouth and nose in public is mandatory in many states now. Masks can be made from an old T-shirt, a bandanna, or any type of cloth you can find. Your movers should wear a mask at all times while on the job or in contact with other workers and customers. The CDC’s official website has helpful information regarding how to make your own mask. If you would like to provide your employees with face masks, here is a list of brands that are donating proceeds to charity.

It is our responsibility to keep our families and neighbors safe through these unprecedented times. Implementing a few extra safety procedures will go a long way in keeping everyone safe as the busy summer moving months begin.

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