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Making Your New Home Feel Like Home

Our homes are a safe haven for us to relax, unwind and feel most comfortable in. Feeling this way in your new home can be tricky after a stressful move. Here are some ways you can create that homey feeling in your new place soon after moving in.

Decorate As Soon As Possible

We’re not telling you to ignore your responsibilities in order to channel your inner Martha Stewart for a complete home makeover - just focus on the small things! Unpacking your belongings in a new home with bare, cold walls is sad. Focus on your favorite personal items and make them visible to you, like your favorite Christmas Tree Shop figurines of spring bunnies or Little Timmy’s “everyone gets a trophy” plastic soccer award.

Hanging pictures will help eliminate some of that blank wall space while making your new place feel familiar to you. You’ll also be unpacking and de-cluttering by getting those items out of the way. Two birds, one stone!

Unpack and Discard Your Boxes

Get rid of those boxes. After a stressful move the last thing you want to do is unpack your entire house. But seeing those boxes piled one on top of the other, staring back at you, haunting you, will drive you insane. Take it one step at a time and do your best to eliminate them room by room. After unloading the essentials, start with common area rooms that you spend the most time in. Then after a long day of packing you can relax without the constant reminder of all the work you have left to do.

Get Some Plants

The best way to bring your new home to life is to bring life into your new home. Plants are a great way to make your home feel cozy, fresh and welcoming. Flowers make for a great centerpiece, but they don’t always last long. Instead, go for the big leafy plants. They will last and are generally low maintenance, a gift for those of you who struggle to keep your plants alive. You can kitty-corner them and get creative with their placement to make a statement, or just sit them on the window sill. No matter what, their presence will naturally warm up any room in your new home.

If you are already moving with plants, visit Chicago Botanic Garden’s website for tips on how to successfully transport them to your new home.

Host a Housewarming Dinner

Don’t worry about having your new house or apartment completely in order. A housewarming dinner can be with your closest friends and family to celebrate your new beginning. Hosting a meal with loved ones will help you fill your home with comfort, familiarity and lasting memories.

Settling into your new home doesn’t have to be daunting. Make it yours early on and relieve the stress of such a significant transition.

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