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NEW Moveboard Capability: Customizing Move Size Names

Hello Moveboard users! Elromco has updated a setting that can help you customize your moving software more closely to your business needs. Here’s what you can do to build a more specific request quote for your customers.

Head into your Settings, then Calculator. Open up your Move Size Settings from there and you will see a list of the default move size titles. You can now edit the titles of various move sizes in addition to the size itself.

For example, some companies may set this up to offer specific home sizes in terms that the customer understands, like square footage.

No matter how you choose to edit these titles, please note that these will update anywhere your move sizes are shown in the software. This includes on the request itself and on your website forms, for the customer to see.

Keep in mind, the functionality of the room sizes below are to add to the move size depending on whether or not the customer manually adds additional rooms on the website form, or if larger homes are selected and additional rooms are automatically added.

According to the logic of the Moveboard, a kitchen is automatically added to every move size. Beginning with the third space down, your move sizes will automatically add a living room. Then from the eighth box down, it will also include a dining room.

If you do not want these added rooms to contribute to the overall move size, which would increase the quote, you can mark their sizes as zero. The customer will still be able to select them, however they will not change any pricing or move logistics.

Elromco’s moving software aims to support moving companies as intuitively as possible. This includes working to create new ways for the Moveboard to adapt to each and every company who uses it, no matter how big or small.

Please reach out to Elromco’s Moveboard team for any assistance through the live support chat found in your navigation panel or the support line.

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