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New! Video Estimate Scheduler

The world is in a state of unknowns, and operating your moving company while abiding by social distancing standards and other safety measures may have caused you to adjust the way you go about your moving process. Elromco’s Moveboard CRM recently created a new Video Estimate feature, so you can now schedule virtual estimates with your clients as opposed to continuing in-person In-Home Estimates. Here’s how to set it up in your moving software!

First, you’ll want to head into your Email Template Builder in your settings. You can copy your templates from the in-home estimate emails to build your Video Estimate emails. There are two emails associated with the in-home estimate status: under Status Change and Reminders.

To copy an existing template, simply open the original email and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the left hand side you will see the copy and create new template button, which will immediately create a new identical copy of the original template.

From there, you can edit your email template by adding the new video estimate variables which are designed to pull in details of the client’s scheduled appointment.

Make sure to set up the Send Template When automation to the appropriate automation associated with the video estimate.

Once these emails are ready to go, you can begin to confidently use the feature. First, go into your Department settings and open each employee who will be conducting the virtual estimates. Check off the Video Estimator option and save. This ensures that they will appear on the calendar as video estimators.

Scheduling a video estimate is the exact same process as scheduling an in-home estimate. When you are inside the request, simply change the status of the request to Video Estimate. You will see a second calendar appear with a list of your video estimators. Schedule the date, start time, duration and select the estimator of your choosing.

Video estimates will appear in the tab attached to your Pending Requests.

They will also show in your Schedule calendar in your Moveboard under Home/Video Estimate.

Did you know you can integrate your Moveboard CRM schedule with your Google calendar? This includes the new video estimate schedule, which will show up under the In-Home Estimate option. Navigate to your Department settings, then to the Account tab. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a place to enter in your Gmail address. On the line below, select the calendars you would like to integrate.

Once you save this setting, you will receive an email in that Gmail account.

Open this email and click “Add this calendar”. You will need to do this for each calendar, so if you receive multiple emails attached to the first, make sure to click on the three dots at the bottom to expand the others and select “Add this calendar” for those as well.

Once you select “Add” again from within your calendar you will see those scheduled appointments appear.

With the spread of COVID-19 on the rise in the US it is imperative that we focus on safety first. If you have any questions regarding the new Video Estimate feature please don’t hesitate to reach out to Elromco’s Moveboard support team for assistance!

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