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Nourishing Leads Blog Series Week 2: Lead Sources & Flags

Elromco’s Moveboard incorporates tools for you to utilize while filtering through all your new leads in your moving CRM. This is especially helpful during the busy summer months when you are receiving many new requests each day. Here are some tips on how to better manage those leads right through your dashboard.


Status flags are a great way to keep track of where you’ve left off with any given customer in your Moveboard. You can add as many flags as you need by navigating to Settings>General>Company Flags. Examples used by companies are “C.M.E.T”, which stands for “called/texted/emailed/messaged”, as well as “Left A Message” and “Wants to Book”. When adding new flags, just make sure to adjust the color on the pinwheel so it displays properly on your dashboard.

You’ll be able to update and see your current flags right from your Moveboard dashboard. By clicking on the little black flag, or an existing flag status, you can remove or change the flag entirely.

Your Requests tab in the navigation panel will allow you to display all move requests that are currently set to the selected flag status.

Keeping track of when flags were changed is easily accessible in the Log of the request. Each adjustment will be stamped with the date and time.

Status flags are an excellent tool that will help you and your sales team stay on top of each and every lead in an organized and efficient manner.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is a point system based on how many actions a customer has taken towards viewing and making changes to their move request. Those actions include reading emails, visiting their account page, adding inventory and more. You can view and edit this point system by going into Settings>Lead Scoring.

As you receive more and more leads in your Elromco CRM, you can begin sorting them in order of lead score right from your Moveboard dashboard. This will help you filter through customers who are most active and likely to book. When you are managing multiple accounts during the summer moving months, filtering with this tool really comes in handy.

Did you know you can customize a customer’s lead score by adjusting their number from within the request? Let’s say you’ve spoken with a customer at length and you know they are quite likely to book with your company, but they haven’t read all of their emails or taken too many actions on their account page to build up their score. You can open their request from your dashboard, click inside the lead score circle, and type in any number you want to change their score.

Elromco's Moveboard CRM is here to help you most efficiently manage your moving business. As always, our support team is available to assist you with any questions!

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