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Nourishing Leads Blog Series Week 3: Reporting & Exporting

Elromco’s Moveboard software includes tools that can help you manage conversion rates, view profit and loss, meet quotas and so much more.

By heading into your Statistics settings, you can see an overview of your estimated income, number of requests and booked jobs based on the set date range.

Scrolling even further, you will see conversion rates broken down by each salesperson and manager as well as what percentage of jobs you are booking based on move size, service type, lead source, etc.

Your Moveboard Statistics are separated into more specific categories such as Reviews, Profit and Loss, Invoices, Payments Collected and SMS Statistics.

In Profit and Loss you can set your preferred date range to see estimated income, actual income, expenses and profit. Actual income is the amount collected from Confirmed jobs between the set dates.

You can also create expenses - recurring or one time only - for an accurate calculation of profits within your moving CRM.

Did you know Elromco’s Moveboard CRM now allows you to export your filtered reports into an excel file? Simply adjust the categories and click on the square icon with the “X” inside to export the spreadsheet.

Your Moveboard software is here to help you navigate the busy season by offering these reporting tools to keep you on track!

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