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Nourishing Leads Blog Series Week 6: Following Up

As a moving company, it is important to have your services passed along by word of mouth. Elromco knows that potential clients trust their family and friends more than anyone, so continuing to follow up with past customers keeps your moving company in mind - whether they’ll be moving again soon, or know someone who is!

Your Moveboard CRM recently added new email automation triggers and text messages that will follow up with customers 3, 6, 9 and 11 months after their job has been completed.

You can create custom emails by going into your Settings > Email Template Builder. In there, you can build a brand new follow up template with whatever custom information you want to include. Make sure to select your desired automation from the Send template when drop down and save!

If you are using the SMS feature, you can set up text templates associated with these automation triggers as well. Simply go into Settings > SMS Template Builder and expand the Client section to find those automations.

Create a new text that includes all of the information you want to include and mark the text as Active.

These automated emails and texts will be sent out to customers whose moves were confirmed and completed in your Moveboard CRM. Following up with past clients is a great way to improve repeat business and generate more leads through word of mouth marketing.

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