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Preparing for the Perfect Pack

In order to be fully prepared for your move you’ll need to prepare all of your personal belongings. If this sounds stressful - fear not! There are many tips & tricks that will help you take on this daunting task head on, making it your most successful move to date.

Get Organized and Stay Organized!

By staying organized you can avoid feeling too overwhelmed. Go room by room and categorize your belongings. Separate clothing, books, movies, decorations, knick knacks, etc. and get those piles ready to be packed away. This makes unpacking easier too! By using labels or marking up boxes by room you can easily distribute them into your new home and avoid dreading unpacking duties.

Gather your packing materials - tape, boxes, newspaper, markers, scissors and anything else you need to ensure your items are safely protected. Remember that your belongings vary in size, so be sure to have many boxes with multiple size options.

Create one box with necessary items like your phone charger, medicine, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, etc. so that these items will be easy to grab. After a long day of moving you’ll want to make sure you have quick access to those necessities without digging through all of your other belongings.

Trust us - if you start out organized the process will be a LOT easier to complete.

Are You Able to Pack On Your Own?

Life is unpredictable and busy. Work is crazy, kids are running and jumping around maniacally, and your mother in law is calling incessantly to complain about her neighbor’s new dog that just won’t stop barking. Your head is about to explode. On top of that you are relocating to a new home and balancing all of the complexities of that process.

If your chosen moving company offers packing services: Hire. Them. It is going to help relieve so much stress if you are struggling with finding the time and energy to pack. Movers are trained professionals who will handle your belongings with care while efficiently packing within a specified and scheduled time. Accept the help, you will thank yourself later.

Moving Companies Offering Packing Services

Companies using Elromco’s Moveboard CRM can help their customers prepare for their move by scheduling a separate packing day and offering full or partial packing services. You can provide those options on the customer account page which will allow them to select the option that fits best for them.

Displaying your prices for packing materials on the customer account page will also help to create transparency and provide your customers with as much information as possible!

Moving is overwhelming in and of itself. If you need assistance with packing don’t hesitate to reach out to your moving company to see how they can help you.

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