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Working Remotely: Tips for Managing Your Moving Business From Home

During these unprecedented times many companies have been forced to close their physical office doors and work remotely. In 2020, this is easier to do than ever before.

Getting Set Up

Of course you’ll need the proper tools to set up your home work space. First, a laptop or desktop computer and a strong internet connection are needed. Whether you work standing up, sitting down, lying down or upside down - just make sure you are comfortable and in the best position for productivity. It’s preferable to set up your work space in the quietest part of your home.

This is depending on your situation, of course, as we know kids are out of school and everyone is cooped up at home. Doing your best to create a separate work space will be helpful to your success.

Taking Advantage of the COVID-19 Lull

Don’t sleep on this opportunity! While moving companies are considered essential and still booking moves, we know that times are uncertain. If you’re seeing fewer leads in your Moveboard this could be a great chance to take advantage of these moments of pause. Elromco’s CRM is filled with features that will help you better connect with your customers. Taking this time to update customer facing pages as well as email and SMS templates will be beneficial as we approach those busy summer months. Doing the back end work now will allow you to focus on managing sales, phone calls, scheduling and executing moves during the busy season.

Elromco’s Moveboard CRM

Having a cloud-based moving CRM is necessary for managing your business remotely. Elromco’s Moveboard helps you control every aspect of your moving company from the safety of your own home. You can fully manage your schedule, payroll, dispatching and new sales leads inside your Moveboard CRM from anywhere.

Sort through your leads in the request tab and use the new export feature to download your customer’s email addresses and send out mass emails.

You can also use this time to update your account page and personalize it for your customers. Add a professional photo and message for all of your sales people through your department settings (Settings>Department>Employee Account>Signature).

Add more informational custom blocks in your account page to help your customers better understand their move and increase visits to their page (Settings>Account>General Custom Block).

You can schedule a live training session Monday through Friday to better understand your moving software and learn about all the features you might not even be aware of! Elromco’s support team is here to help, please visit our calendar to book an available appointment.

For additional information on staying safe on the job during the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to our blog post with move-specific health and safety tips.

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