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Add a COVID-19 Health Questionnaire to Your Booking Process

With continuous COVID-19 spikes occurring all around the US, Elromco knows it’s best to ensure that you are covering all bases when it comes to the health and safety of your clients and employees. Here is a way to incorporate a COVID-19 health questionnaire into your booking process through your Moveboard CRM.

Your Moveboard software includes the Estimate Signature setting, which requires additional signatures from your customers before they sign to confirm their move. Recently, we’ve added the variable to include checkboxes in this area. To update this setting, go to Settings > Account Page > Estimate Signatures.

Whether or not you are already using the Estimate Signature feature, you can add your COVID-19 health questionnaire by typing out the questions you would like to ask. These questions are meant to make the customer feel at ease that your team is actively monitoring symptoms of your workers as well as your clients. Once you’ve included your YES and NO options, scroll to the top of the estimate signature box and select the “custom” drop down menu. There, you can search for the checkbox variable and click to copy it into the form.

Make sure you copy and paste the questionnaire into every service type if you would like all customers to complete the form. If you want them to sign below the questionnaire, you can add the signature variable in the same way you added the checkboxes. Click outside of the box to save your changes.

Customers in the Not Confirmed status will see this form pop up once they click the Proceed to Book Your Move button on their account page and select Confirm Reservation. That’s where they will complete the form, sign, and then book their move.

Once the customer has completed this step, you can open their account page by selecting the View Client’s Page button on their request. Once on their page, you will see a few links under the green button that says Your Move is Confirmed and Scheduled and the second link down will be for the Estimate Signature Page. From there, you can download and print this form.

This questionnaire is a great way to show your customers the care and consideration you are putting into your moves as we continue navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. Elromco’s Moveboard software can now help you do this through your CRM for a smoother process.

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