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It’s Here! Setting Up A Default Start Time Window

Moveboard users: the time has come. No more manually changing the start time window on each job request. No more 8 AM to 8 PM arrival windows that confuse your customers. You can now choose your default start time for every new request that comes into your Moveboard software.

Head into your General Settings, then scroll down and select “Start time window.”

Scroll back to the top of the page and simply set the start time and end time for your arrival window range. This can always be manually changed on the move request later on, but this setting allows you to establish a standard window for each new job.

If you are interested in utilizing this new setting, you must reach out to Elromco’s support team to request your Moveboard be updated since it requires a small backend update to your website forms as well.

Elromco’s moving software aims to support moving companies as intuitively as possible. This includes working to create new ways for the Moveboard to adapt to each and every company who uses it, no matter how big or small. Please reach out to Elromco’s Moveboard team for any assistance through the live support chat found in your navigation panel or the support line.

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