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Nourishing Leads Blog Series Week 1: Managing Sources

The moving industry is unique to other service industries. There are countless ways to capture leads, but successfully converting them to booked jobs can be a whole other story. Over the next few weeks, Elromco is going to provide you with guidance in nourishing your leads in the most effective way through your Moveboard software. This week we’ll take a look at adding and managing sources within your CRM.

In your Moveboard CRM you have the ability to add as many sources as you need to. To update your various sources, you’ll want to navigate to Settings>Calculator>Form Style. Scroll to the bottom of the page and expand the “How did you hear about us?” tab. Here you can add as many sources as you need and remove sources when necessary. These are visible for the customers on your website forms if you have them showing there as well.

You can turn on the ability to show the “How did you hear about us?” option by going up to the Top Form Text tab, still in your Calculator settings. There you can enable the setting so that your customers have to enter in their source.

If you need to edit the source on an individual request, you can find a drop down menu with a list of your sources at the very bottom of the request form.

Sources can be sorted right on your Moveboard dashboard as well. If you purchase leads from lead providers, they will automatically be assigned as the source once the lead is parsed into your Moveboard.

If you want to filter through your sources individually, you can open your main Requests tab and select a source, adjusting any other filters you’d like set up as well.

As you begin actively assigning sources and keeping track of where customers are coming from, you can track your conversion rates by going into Statistics>Statistics. Adjust the settings to your desired date range and you will be able to see conversion rates for each source.

Having a better understanding of which sources are most successful in converting leads to booked jobs will help you identify any changes you might need to make with your marketing campaigns. Elromco’s Moveboard software can help you manage those details and a whole lot more.

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